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We get it.

Whether it’s kids, the dog or heaven help us…you did it yourself…scratches and nicks are bound to happen. You’ll want a touch up kit for the fix.

Touch-up Stick

Similar to a crayon or putty stick, a touch up stick can be used to fill scratches, cuts, gouges or small holes from a brad nailer.

Apply pressure to the stick in the area to be filled, making sure to completely fill the defect. Remove any excess with a plastic scraper or old credit card, smoothing to match the cabinet or moulding surface. Wipe the area with a dry, clean, lint-free cloth to finish.

Felt Marker

The marker is used to repair scratches, excessive wear marks and edges where raw wood is exposed---think mitered joints where two pieces of moulding meet.

First, shake the marker well before using, before removing the cap. Next, simply run the marker tip over the area to be touched—it may take several light passes to conceal damage completely. Any excess can be removed by lightly applying mineral spirits on dry, clean, lint free cloth. Make sure to replace the marker cap to avoid drying out– you might need to use this again!