Get Ready for Renovation

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Hiring a Contractor

Finding the best choice for bringing vision to reality.

Depending on their business model, your cabinet dealership may plan and schedule your installation project, they might have a list of preferred installers, or its possible that they aren’t involved with the installation at all.

Here are some guidelines for finding the perfect fit for your project.



Communication is key – hire the pro that is easy to talk to AND easy to get ahold of via email, phone or text. Make sure your vision aligns and they understand your goals and have the type of experience needed for your project.



Be up front about your budget, again - communication is key to understanding all that the project will entail.

If your not sure how to start the budgeting process, our handy budget calculator can help.

Price = Quality


The lowest bid isn’t always the best, nor is the highest in many cases– somewhere in the middle typically feels right. Referrals from friends go a long way in finding someone that has attributes you’ll appreciate. Set a meeting- they will want to see your space and you’ll want to gauge their interaction with you as well as any specific questions or responses. Some questions to ask:

  • Permits - are they needed and who will get them?

  • Are they licensed, bonded and insured?

  • Project quotes and rationale behind them?

  • Current project load - can you visit a jobsite they are working on?

  • Scheduling- do your timelines align?

Payment Negotiation


What are their terms - Cost plus, flat fee or bid basis? Every contractor is different and will have their own expectations for down payment, billing and final payment. Make sure both of you are on the same page so that everyone's expectations are met.