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Cabinet Construction

More Than You'd Expect.

Dig into the construction details of what makes Aristokraft a solid value for today’s buyer.

Construction Details

Every Aristokraft cabinet features:

  • Standard, Select and All Plywood* construction options

  • 3/4" solid wood face frames

  • Natural laminate interiors

  • Butt doors on cabinets 27" - 36" wide

Cabinet Construction Options

Choose from Standard, Select and All Plywood cabinet construction options.

Standard and Select

Close-up of cabinet with standard Aristokraft construction

  • Hinges – 6-way adjustable hinge on Standard; quiet, 6-way adjustable Smart Stop™ self-closing hinge on Select

  • Sides  3/8" thick furniture board with matching laminate exterior

  • Back  3/8" thick furniture board

  • Top/Bottom  1/2" thick furniture board top and bottom on wall cabinets; 3/8" thick furniture board bottom on base cabinets

  • Corners  Four furniture board corner braces on base cabinets

  • Wall/Tall Shelves  Adjustable 3/4" thick furniture board

  • Base Shelves Adjustable 3/4" thick half-depth furniture board and adjustable 3/4" thick full-depth furniture board on open & full height base cabinets

All Plywood*

Close-up of cabinet constructed of all plywood

  • Hinges – 6-way adjustable Smart Stop self-closing hinge

  • Sides  3/8" thick plywood with matching laminate exterior

  • Back  3/8" thick plywood

  • Top/Bottom  1/2" thick plywood top and bottom on wall cabinets; 3/8" thick plywood bottom on base cabinets

  • Corners  Two lineal plywood front-to-back stretcher rails on base cabinets

  • Wall/Tall Shelves  Adjustable 3/4" thick plywood

  • Base Shelves  Adjustable 3/4" thick half-depth plywood, and adjustable 3/4" thick full-depth plywood on open and full-height base cabinets

Drawer Construction Options

Drawer construction correlates with selected cabinet construction option.


Close up of standard construction cabinet drawer

  • Box – 1/2" thick furniture board sides, front and back

  • Bottom  3/8" thick furniture board, fastened into four sides

  • Guides  3/4 extension, side-mount epoxy-coated

  • Joinery  Stapled butt joint

  • Depth  20" on base cabinets

Select and All Plywood*

Close up of upgraded cabinet drawer showing thicker box, concealed guides and dovetail joint

  • Box – 3/4" nominal thick all wood sides, front and back with clear topcoat

  • Bottom  1/4" thick plywood, fully captured on four sides

  • Guides  Concealed, full-extension drawer guides with Smart Stop quiet closing mechanism

  • Joinery  Dovetail joint

  • Depth  21" on base cabinets

*All plywood components meet ANSI/HPVA HP-1 standards, and may contain MDF or particleboard.