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Choosing a Cabinet Material Type

Tell your story with a look you’ll love!

Cabinetry is the backdrop for living and what better way to set the stage then with the cabinet material type that speaks to you!

Popular Materials

  • Hardwoods - The beauty of wood prevails in four wood species and a variety of beautiful stain colors.

  • Painted - On point for today’s homes, enjoy popular colors that stand the test of time.

  • PureStyle™ - Enhanced durability, translated into trend-forward styles and color selections.


birch cabinet wood

  • Tight-grained with a mostly smooth, even texture that may be characterized with a curled or wavy pattern.

  • Natural coloring ranges from very blonde to brown or red/brown.


maple cabinet wood

  • Tight-grained, uniform hardwood that may include fine brown lines, wavy or curled markings, bird pecks and mineral streaks.

  • Natural coloring is predominately white to cream white with occasional reddish-brown tones.


oak cabinet wood

  • Open-grained and may contain knots, wormholes and widely varying grain patterns.

  • Natural coloration ranges from white to pink and reddish tones. Streaks of green, yellow and even black may appear due to mineral deposits.



  • Applied to hardwoods or medium density fiberboard (MDF)/high density fiberboard (HDF) to achieve a uniform opaque appearance.

  • MDF/HDF are engineered materials that offer a smoother surface for paint application, offering superior stability, consistency and durability.



  • An innovative laminate, PureStyle is applied to a wood or engineered wood substrate. PureStyle characteristics include: crisp styling, consistent coloration and abrasion-resistant durability.