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Design 101

Common Kitchen Shapes

Kitchens typically fall into a few basic shapes based on the layout of your home. Scroll through to see what shape is best for your floor plan.

Single Wall


Pro: Open and airy, this shape is typically found in apartment living.

Con: Appliances are often take up the bulk of the work area.



Pro: Open on two ends, appliances are in close proximity for an efficient work area.

Con: Traffic must pass through a galley and can interrupt work flow.



Pro: Found in any size home, the “L” allows for flexibility when placing appliances and is often open to living areas.

Con: Because it is open to living areas, traffic can encroach into workflow.

L-shaped with an island


Pro: Adding an island to the “L” shape keeps workflow along the ample counter area while the island separates the space for gathering or additional prep help, keeping folks out of the way of the cook, but letting them join in the party.

Con: We can’t think of one!



Pro: Efficient workflow and generous countertop space are the hall marks of a U-shaped kitchen.

Con: The cook may feel disconnected from others with this kitchen floor plan.



Pro: Shaped like a “U” with a little extra! Typically a peninsula the “G” may offer a place for dining or serving.

Con: Similar to U-Shaped as it is more confined.

Efficiency = The Triangle


A work triangle is comprised of an imaginary line drawn between the primary work areas: refrigerator (food storage) stove (food prep) and sink (cleanup). The sum total of the 3 sides shouldn’t exceed 26 linear feet for maximum efficiency.