Plan Your Project

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Working with a Kitchen Designer

Let's Set Expectations

What should I expect from a Designer?


Most cabinet dealerships employ kitchen designers who are trained to listen to what YOU want to accomplish within your space. They will help establish a budget and deliver a plan that is both beautiful and functional for your specific room.

A designer also ensures your order is correctly placed and often coordinates other products necessary for the project, like countertops and hardware. They typically work with a team of installation experts and establish a timeline for a full-service experience of job completion.

What should a Designer expect from me?


  • Rough room dimensions are always helpful to get started - Learn how to measure!

  • Create and share Pinterest boards or magazine clippings to convey  ideas you’d like to include in your new space.

  • Think about what doesn’t work in your existing space and do mention those things.

  • Will your appliances be changing?  Those are the first things that go into a design; your designer needs that information for new appliances right away.

What happens after we meet?


Many designers will schedule a home visit to take measurements and get a feel for how you live. It can take a few weeks, depending on their workload, to set that visit and then have a plan ready for your review.

Some firms will initiate a retainer fee, typically applied to the cabinet order; while other dealers offer free design service that may be captured within their costs.